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Six Types Of Martial Art Self Defense Pressure Points 

The martial arts include the use of several different pressure points, all of which are designed to have a different impact on your opponent. Some of these pressure points are described below:

Pain - Some parts of the body contain a high concentration of nerve ending, thus making them more vulnerable to pain.

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Playing Bowling More Effectively

I believe that your complete attention on the alley, directing your attention on the target with a calm, smooth and easy approach can be the perfect way to throw your ball. Your proper starting place and steps could be vital in making you good bowler. STARTING POSITION There are no hard and fast rules on how to address the pins. Some star bowlers violate all the accepted standards of stance, approach and delivery.

In my opinion, they succeed not because of their peculiar styles, but in spite of them. I advise the bowler to stand approximately twelve feet in back of the foul line, in a relaxed position, with the weight of the ball resting on his left hand. The bowler should be calm, his complete attention focused on the alley. His eyes should be directed at the target the 1-3 pocket, or a spot in line with it. When standing at this distance, the bowler has sufficient space in which to develop a forward momentum that permits a smooth, easy approach to the foul line and a grooved delivery of the ball. After you have determined the correct starting position for your- self, make certain that you start your approach from that spot every time.

If you start too far back, you won't get up to the foul line. If you start too far forward, you will slide over the foul line, unless you try to adjust your footwork as you move forward and such an effort will get you into trouble, since it throws off your timing. Just how to decide on the proper starting position to puzzle many people. First of all it is necessary to determine how many steps you wish to take.

Some bowlers use a three-step approach, but this type, in my opinion, places too much of a "weight burden" on the arm. The four- or five-step approach allows the bowler to develop a flowing motion, which seems to make the ball lighter as it is delivered over the foul line. I use the four-step approach, as do most champion pin men. Either the four or five-step approach is all right since the first step in the four-step approach and the first two in the five-step variety are only short steps which start the bowler off smoothly. The four-step approach is the most popular and the one that I would recommend. When you have decided how many steps you are going to take, go to the foul line and do an about-face, so that you are facing toward the seats.

Taking your natural stride, walk the number of steps you have decided to use. When you have completed your paces, add an- other half-step to compensate for the slide. After you have done this several times, note carefully the spot at which you have arrived. That is your starting position.

Make a mental note of this spot, observing how far it is from a distinguishable point, what spots are in line with it, or whether there is a particularly dark or light spot on the approach that will serve as a guide. After you have practiced from this position for a while, you will become so familiar with it that you will go to it automatically. HOLDING THE BALL In the starting position you may hold the ball in front of you at any point from chin to knee level, but the ball should be squarely in front of you, and not off to one side or the other of your body. Do not hold the ball above the level of your eyes, for you will strain yourself. Hold the ball in both hands, with the thumb and fingers of the right hand in the ball, and the weight of the ball resting mainly on the left hand so that the right is under no strain. It is not necessary to stand absolutely erect in the starting stance.

You may stand erect, or partially bent forward, or bent from the waist. The knees should be bent just enough to be relaxed. I would recommend the most popular four-step approach when starting. And the right way to hold the ball and reducing the strain could make the bowling better.

So the next time you go for bowling game remember how you should hold the ball and makes your moves.

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