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Six Types Of Martial Art Self Defense Pressure Points 

The martial arts include the use of several different pressure points, all of which are designed to have a different impact on your opponent. Some of these pressure points are described below:

Pain - Some parts of the body contain a high concentration of nerve ending, thus making them more vulnerable to pain.

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Some Funny and Challenging Family Party Games

A party becomes more funny and enjoyable when parents are involved in it. Both the parents and children enjoy the company of each other. Add more excitement in your party by playing the following game. Arrange your guests into family groups, lending a child here or there to make the groups equal in number.

Then introduce them to "Irish Golf." Each family is given a large bowl, an Irish potato and a tablespoon. The object is to scoop the potato into the bowl with the spoon without lifting it from the table. Add the strokes it takes each member of the family to get the potato into the bowl. To the winning family who accomplishes it with the least number of strokes goes an Irish potato.

Who ever heard of a St. Patrick's party without noise? Line up your family groups and provide each of them with a No. 10 paper bag.

Let each family name a person for its goalie. The goalie stands across the room. At the whistle the first person in each family group line blows up his bag, runs to the family goalie, bursts the bag on the goal keeper's back, quickly returns to the line and touches off No. 2. The line finishing first is winner. Next let the crazy Irish have a "Crazy Cane Race.

" Divide your guests into two groups of equal number. Give the first one in each group a cane. At the starting signal he is supposed to put his forehead on the top of the cane, and keep it there without moving the cane until he sidesteps six times around in a circle, counting each time he completes a circle.

At the finish of the sixth round, ask him to walk to the opposite end of the room, touch a designated spot on the wall. Then turn around and return to the starting point and touch the next contestant in line. This does not sound like such a hilarious game, but all the contestants, being slightly dizzy, will have a terrific time walking in a straight line across the room and back.

The game continues until one team finishes first. After so much excitement, let each family form its own group. Allow five or ten minutes for each family to plan a yarn about fishing or hunting trip or some adventure. At the end of the allotted time let the guests reassemble in one big group. When the competition starts, one member of the Jones family begins his yarn.

The next member of the family may add to it, and so on, until the family has all helped or the allotted five minutes is up, whichever comes first. This is a thrilling experience for the younger members of the family. After each family has spun its tale, three judges, previously appointed, will decide which yarn was the best, which the cleverest, and which one the funniest.

A bag of green and white candy may be awarded the family with the best all-around story. The Irish like to eat and since all your guests are Irish, at least for this party, serve a hearty lunch. A steaming Irish stew, a green-tinted grapefruit salad, and hard rolls will bring out the blarney in your guests. Complete the meal with green mint sundaes and limeade.

Surely 'twill be an Irish party that'll long be remembered with words of praise that are not blarney. A steaming Irish stew, a green-tinted grapefruit salad, and hard rolls will be the favorite of your guest and will remember you with words of praise and thanks.

Mitch Johnson is a regular writer for http://www.kids-games-n-crafts.com/ , http://www.mycraftstips.info/ , http://www.goodbudgetholiday.info/


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